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The Wiki Features wiki

This website is a wiki – you can edit any page – about features of existing and theoretically possible wiki and wiki-like software. It’s probably mostly of interest to developers of such software. See the WikiNode for related wikis.

Are you looking for an idea?

On the sidebar you can find several different ways of categorizing the features. There is also a search box at the bottom of the page.

Do you have a feature idea?

You don’t have to register or ask for approval. Just find the best place for your contribution, and put it there. Create a new page if it is needed and put it in the right categories.

If you’d like to contribute here regularly, that’s great! Introduce yourself on a WikiHomePage. We’ll start talking. Keep adding new ideas and improving on the descriptions and details of the features.


For other questions or suggestions, please see AboutWikiFeatures. For the list of all pages see index, and for keeping track of changes bookmark the RecentChanges page or subscibe to its RSS feed. If you have any problems with this specific wiki, you can add them to LocalBugs.