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> See Patch:

I usually need to save notes, URIs, paragraphs of text from the web and I would like to do it without having to leave my hacked wiki.

I need some space for writing, but without adding to RecentChanges and without the rest of users seeing it.

One possible way is to create a file, outside of pages directory, in a special user directory.

For example, on UseMod, I choose the file like this:

sub UserClipBoardFilename {
  my ($id) = @_;

  return ""  if ($id < 1);
  return $UserDir . "/" . ($id % 10) . "/$id.cb";

So, now I can always do and undo changes in one place of the wiki, without increasing the noise on the site.

I mean this feature to be used by admins (maybe registered users too); open to the whole community it increases traffic, maybe for other goals specific to the site.

It’s comfortable for me. What do you think?

See Patch:

See also

I think TextWarehousing (I didn’t know it) is more close to ClipBoard than Drafts.

Radomir, big thanks about fix my typos --JuanmaMP

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