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Pages that have to do with RecentChanges.

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I’m still trying to work out whether we should slap the category name onto pages that have mild implications for RecentChanges. For example: BuiltinThreading or InsertSubmission will likely impact RecentChanges. But then again, so could just about any wiki action. (You could put any action onto RecentChanges.) So, should we mark them all with the CategoryRecentChanges tag? Right now, I think: No.

FadingText is iffy. It’s not so much saying “you can do an action, and then it appears on RecentChanges.” Rather, it’s applicable to the very presentation of RecentChanges. But then again: Basically anything that profoundly influence visualization would affect RecentChanges. Perhaps I should take the CategoryRecentChanges off of FadingText.

Perhaps what we want it: “Pages that have to do with gathering RecentChanges.” Would we exclude something that should be here with that definition?

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