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Everything that can be placed on the wiki pages or otherwise stored in the wiki (and is not logs). This is similar to CategoryObject.

Presentation and inclusion


Instead of editing conversations like documents, build threaded conversation support into the WikiEngine. Comments are added with “reply to this” buttons, and appear in a hierarchy of comments. Like Slashdot, Kuro5hin.


When a wiki permits uploading of image files, it’s often convenient to also make it automatically generate thumbnail previews of the uploaded images – scaled down versions for including in other pages.


IRC conversations can be easily included in a wiki.


Depending on the topic of a wiki, it is sometimes needed to included mathematical equations in the content of a page. Creating images for them manually or approximating them with programming-like notation is too laborious and doesn’t invite collaboration (modifying an image is a tedious task). Many wikis will allow you to use latex-like notation for automatically generated equation images.


Allow to include music sheets on wiki using some markup, render them appropriately and generate MIDI files for downloading/listening.


Permanent anchors can be included in pages. They create a globally-usable name (in the same namespace as normal wikipage names) that leads to the marked fragment. They are like a “COME FROM” statement for wiki - the permanent anchor creates an implicit redirect from the nonexistant page to the fragment.


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It would be interesting for wiki to do some simple calculations. For example,

  • if I’m doing a MeatBall:WikiAsPim, and I make a list estimating how long a bunch of sub-projects would take, it would be nifty for the wiki to automagically display the total time for the whole project.
  • If I include the prices when I list all the components in some proposed system at the ComputerComponent wiki, the wiki would automagically display the total cost for the system.


User-editable program code in pages.


The ability to make variables in a wiki.

A variable is a miniature “storage bin” for information- sort of like a page, but much, much smaller, and made to be readily accessible to software.


The idea of a WikiWhiteboard is to expand the wiki technique to at least visual images.


I usually need to save notes, URIs, paragraphs of text from the web and I would like to do it without having to leave my hacked wiki.

I need some space for writing, but without adding to RecentChanges and without the rest of users seeing it.

One possible way is to create a file, outside of pages directory, in a special user directory.

For example, on UseMod, I choose the file like this:

sub UserClipBoardFilename {
  my ($id) = @_;

  return ""  if ($id < 1);
  return $UserDir . "/" . ($id % 10) . "/$id.cb";

So, now I can always do and undo changes in one place of the wiki, without increasing the noise on the site.

I mean this feature to be used by admins (maybe registered users too); open to the whole community it increases traffic, maybe for other goals specific to the site.

It’s comfortable for me. What do you think?

See Patch:


Hide e-mail addresses (or other addresses like ICQ numbers or Jabber account names) from automated spiders while keeping them accessible to humans at the same time.

Filtering and transformations


This is a general technique of modifying the text of a page just before it is saved. It is used in many wikis for things like UserSignature.


Scan the text being saved for full URLs to the wiki’s internal pages, and replace them with internal wiki links.


Replace certain markup with the link to the current user home page and current date when saving the page.



Structured text is text that uses indentation and simple symbology to indicate the structure of a document. For the next generation of structured text, see MoinMoin:ReStructuredText and Zope:StructuredText.


A single and simple markup to inject text/content styling with already well known syntax and all possibilites from CSS style sheets.


WikiCreole is a common wiki markup language to be used across different wikis. It’s not replacing existing markup but instead enabling wiki users to transfer content seamlessly across wikis, and for novice users to contribute more easily.


Transforms the raw text of the page into rendered pages, usually in HTML, with links and other markup.


It is possible to implement the MarkupParser entirely on the client side, in the browser, using JavaScript.