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The idea is to segregate the WikiKM:DocumentMode and WikiKM:ThreadMode views of a page.

So, for example, maybe you see the page on the left side of the screen, and a discussion about the page on the right. Or maybe, you see the page first, and then a threaded conversation underneath it. Or maybe you can hide the threaded conversation altogether. Regardless of how you do it, what would have been just a page, is now a combination of a page and a threaded discussion. So, a page is really the combination of a page (the DocumentMode view) and a discussion (the ThreadMode view).


Built in Threading

Having a seperate thread mode page is a lot sexier when you add BuiltinThreading to the thread view. In that case, on the thread view side, you have a hieararchical nested discussion like on Slashdot or Kuro5hin. You get all the goodies- nested discussion, easy commenting, reverse-chronological presentation, explicit subjects, and protected speech. This would make the seperate thread mode page a lot more meaningful.

Read BuiltinThreading to learn more about the idea.

Visitors Default to Document View

You could make it so that visitors to the wiki see the document view by default. That way, wiki would appear to be a lot cleaner. “When I see wiki, I run” complaints would probably drop.

Of course, you’d be able to set it to show threads as well. But it’d be something that you’d have to turn on yourself.

Regular contributors would probably set their site preferences to automatically show the threaded conversation. Regulars will want to see all of the chatter.

This is similar to SimpleUiForVisitors (IdeasToPlace #19).

Split-Panel View

You could put the document view- the main wiki page- on the left-hand side of the screen. And then on the right-hand side, put the threaded conversation over there. It’s likely that the conversation is going to be really long, and the document view- the main wiki page- really short. It’s going to be rather uneven. But people like to look across, so you better make sure, either by convention or by technology, that the thread-view- the chatter- has the most recent ideas at the top. It needs to be reverse-chronological. Otherwise people are going to be stuck going to the bottom of the page, and then all the way back up.

DocumentView Annotation Markers

You want some way to link your conversation to the document view. There are a lot of ways you can do it, but no matter how you do it, you’re going to want to anotate the document text.

So perhaps the document should feature little markers off to the side. Maybe a little triangle points into the document around the line, or lines, that the discussion is annotating.

You have a lot of lee-way here. Think of something clever. But we’ll want to indicate somehow what part of the text we’re talking about.

Combine with StagedCommits

One of the possibilities for StagedCommits is having a threaded conversation for each staged commit.

That’d be very consistant with a system that already segregates thread mode and document mode text.


Many “implementations” of the idea are done by convention, not technology. Those implementations are not listed here. For example, in MoinMoin, people frequently just append “/Talk” to reserve a talk page. While that is useful, it is not listed here, because then, every wiki would be listed here. You can always just add “Talk” to a page name and have a talk page. Listing every wiki provides no distinction.

(note that the /Talk convention could be combined easily with a MoinMoin plugin which gives whatever sort of user interface you prefer to the discussion. Something like [[Discussion(ThisPage/Talk)]] – (or [[ThreadedDiscussion(ThisPage/Talk]]!) – at the foot of the page perhaps? Clever CSS could put the thread mode anywhere on the screen according to the theme

If a wiki has features that explicitly help support segregation of thread-mode and document-mode pages, they are listed here.

If they also support BuiltinThreading, they’ll be doubly listed on the BuiltinThreading page.

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