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Feature Summaries

This page collects summary descriptions of features.

Please read the Style Guidelines at the bottom of this page before editing this page.

However, you are invited to describe your feature idea on IdeasToPlace.

The List

AppendOnlyMakes pages almost read-only, in that text can further only be appended at the bottom or inserted. (CategoryEditing)
AtomicCommitsMake changes to multiple pages in a bundle, rather than individually. That way, the collected changes can be seen as a whole, and reverted as a whole. (CategoryEditing)
AutoLinkAutomatically link whenever possible. (CategoryLinking)
AutomaticTranslationUse automatic translation to give some support to foreign readers and translators. (CategoryLanguage, CategoryEditing)
AutomaticFeatureInstallAutomated process for loading features into a wiki. Community and/or administrator decides what is imported. (CategoryInterWiki)
BuiltinCategoriesInstead of using Category tags to tell what category a page belongs in, build knowledge of categories into the WikiEngine.
BuiltinThreadingInstead of editing conversations like documents, build threaded conversation support into the WikiEngine. Comments are added with “reply to this” buttons, and appear in a hierarchy of comments. Like Slashdot, Kuro5hin. (CategoryEditing)
DatabaseCapabilitiesMake it easy to store data with forms. Make it easy to present data. And make it easy to extend the data structure. (CategoryObject)
DelayedCommitsWait a few hours before putting a change in front of casual visitors. Protects the wiki FrontPage from Slashdot trolls. (CategoryEditing)
DocViewThreadViewSplitSegregate the document view of a text from conversations about the text. (CategoryEditing)
EmailAddressProtectionAutomatic hiding of email addresses (behind forms or with simple but interoperable ‘encryption’ methods) to stop spambots and spiders from indexing them. (CategoryLinking)
EventCastingCast events to an IntComm:EventServer whenever something interesting happens. (CategoryInterWiki)
FacetedClassificationclassify and organize wiki pages using facets, rather than ordinary hierarchy
FadingLinksLinks that are not followed frequently gradually change to black. (CategoryLinking)
FadingTextText ages into a readable grey. Fresh text is black. (CategoryEditing)
FailSafeWikiA wiki where users don’t even notice when any one machine is unplugged.
FineGrainedAddressingAddressing content within a page. Sections, paragraphs, lines, pictures. (CategoryLinking)
FoldingTextThe idea that certain parts of a page (comments/discussion?) can be hidden from view, but viewable with a click to the + indicator. (CategoryEditing)
HoneypotFrontPageAutomagical spambot detection and banning by intentionally leaving FronPage open for editing (CategoryEditing)
InfiniteVersioningstore every old version of every page.
InsertSubmissionMake it easy for people to contribute text (with a text-area form) in the middle of the page text. (CategoryEditing, CategoryObject)
InterLinkTraditional InterWiki links. wiki:PageName (CategoryInterWiki, CategoryLinking)
IntermapWalkingThe ability to use other wiki’s InterMap for InterWiki links. For, example, you might write MeatBall:CommunityWiki:CliquesAndCommunity, if the immediate wiki knew Meat``Ball, but not Community``Wiki. (CategoryInterWiki, CategoryLinking)
IrcInclusionFeatures to support the easy inclusion of IRC transcripts. (CategoryObject)
LinkBanBanning edits that include links to spam sites. (CategoryEditing)
MachineReadablePagesPages that are easily read by other wiki and programs. (CategoryInterWiki)
MachineServicesWiki that are able to communicate with other wiki and programs. (CategoryInterWiki)
MailedUpdatesUpdates on wiki activity by E-Mail.
MobileContentContent that is easily transported from wiki to wiki. (CategoryInterWiki)
NearLinkA WikiName that is defined on a “near” wiki, but not the immediate wiki, links to the “near” wiki’s page. (CategoryInterWiki, CategoryLinking)
NearRecentChangesRecentChanges collates the immediate wiki’s pages RecentChanges with the RecentChanges of “near” wiki. (CategoryInterWiki, CategoryRecentChanges)
PageMetaDataProvide a way to specify miscellaneous page classification informations, visible only when editing, used for page grouping and as search enhancement. (category missing)
PartialPageEditingEdit part of a page, only. (CategoryEditing)
PageRenamingRename pages easily. (CategoryLinking, CategoryEditing)
PerPageRssAn RSS feed for each web page. That way, a person with a ChangeAggregator can easily track a single page.
PersonalPingWiki reports your activities to your [wiki:PlogDev/PersonalLogServer plog.] (CategoryInterWiki)
PublicallyEditableIntermapEveryone can edit the InterMap. That way, people can InterLink with ease. (CategoryInterWiki, CategoryLinking)
PurpleNumbersUnique automatically assigned identifiers for each paragraph of a page. (CategoryLinking)
QualityIndicatorWe want high-quality wiki pages, right ? How do we measure “quality” ?
RaisedRecentChangeManually add entries to RecentChanges (CategoryRecentChanges)
RatedMembersMembers acquire ratings from other members.
RatedPagesEach page is assigned a rating by users.
RdfForWikiPutting machine-intelligble assertions into wiki pages. (CategoryObject)
RealTimeEdit2 (or more) people can simultaneously edit the same wiki page. They see each others edits (and their own edits, of course) in real time.
RejectDuplicateReject all edits that add a URI that already exists on some other page of the wiki.
RevisionMarkingInclude diffs in normal page output, and use JavaScript to show or hide.
SimpleUiForVisitorsVisitors to the wiki have a simplified user interface.
SpontaneousThreadedDiscussionA feature that makes it easy to construct threaded conversations that can be addressed from multiple pages.
StagedCommitsChanges to pages do not apply immediately. Rather, they are “staged” until the community or moderators approve of the change. (CategoryEditing)
TextWarehousingOtherwise unlabeled lockers for miscellaneous text.
TrackBackSupport blog-style backlinks through trackback protocol.
UnifiedRecentChangesCollect RecentChanges from multiple wiki, and present them together. (CategoryRecentChanges)
UserBanPrevent certain users from editing pages
WikiMathcalculations in wiki – from simple column sums, to full spreadsheet capabilities. (IdeasToPlace # 209).
WikiVariablesStore (generally small) pieces of easily machine readable data on a wiki. (CategoryObject)
WikiWhiteboardIn-browser editing of images (especially SVG). (CategoryObject)
WysiwygEditorWhat you see is what you get. Edit wiki without a special input form; Have a graphical user interface to editing the text. (CategoryEditing)
PersonalWikiWiki that any user can install and configure with few clicks, like simple desktop application and handle personal stuff or share data with family and friends. (page from MoinMoin wiki)

Style Guidelines

Follow the pattern.

Summaries should be:

Name the feature’s dedicated wiki page at the beginning of the summary, even if it isn’t written yet.

Categorize features with keywords at the end of the feature description. That way, people can quickly search the text for features in a particular category. Read the category page for a better understanding.

If the full wiki page isn’t written yet, but there are useful notes in IdeasToPlace, give the IdeasToPlace number at the end of the summary, in parenthesis.


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