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I think that instead of placing ideas on IdeasToPlace, and then trying to fit the description and links and refer to other ideas on that page, it would be better to just create a – possibly shallow – page (with categories for marking features, ideas, principles, etc.), and refactor it gradually to full feature page. – RadomirDopieralski

I’m not sure about the convenience of some list of features and some Categories as separete entities.

For instance ShowOnDate need a new Category: Category Browsing o maybe it belongs to InterfaceFeatures, in other words, to Category Interface? – JuanmaMP

Feel free to change/introduce categories, indices and their sections – it’s very hard to make them up in advance, without actually seeing what will be added, so we need to edit them as the requirements change.

Personally I think that the forward indices are easier to use and to change – I added them to complement the categories. – RadomirDopieralski

[from the Comments on SideBar] The CategoryRecentChanges item isn’t in the same line of its bullets in some display modes. --JuanmaMP

What do you mean by “display modes”? Can you show (link to) an example? – RadomirDopieralski

I don’t think it’s a bug, it’s just how your browser tries to break the line. I’m not sure it should break after a list bullet, report a bug in your browser if you think it’s not right. As a workaround I can try to make the list items in sidebar unbreakable… – RadomirDopieralski