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Text warehouses are convenient storage places for text.

A prototype warehouse can be found at: - DeadLink

Look it over, read the front page, and understand what it’s like.

Why Warehouse Text?

A lot of times, you want to store a block of text on a wiki, but there’s no real good place to put it.

TextWarehousing solves these problems. You go to a dedicated storage location, deposit your text, perhaps fill out some information, and then your text is safe and accessible.

Prototype Problems

The prototype example is interesting, but has some problems.

There are all sorts of things that could go wrong with a pure-simple-wiki storage cell system, like in the prototype example.

And there are interesting things you can do if you are outside of the confines of strict wiki.


Features List

A list of features that could appear in a text warehouse.

To be refactored into the above text

When does this kind of thing come up?

Here’s the situation I keep running into:

I post some thoughts on my front lawn. Then a discussion ensues.

Oh- look at that! The discussion just turned into an idea that needs a page. And while that ideas being constructed, we might like to refer back to the discussion.

Now, who knows how long it’ll be before we actually fill out the details of that idea?

Meanwhile, I’ve got things to do. I need my front lawn clean, so I can interact with people, without scaring them with a dump in my front yard.

So, I go shovel the discussion into a locker, and on the idea page, say, “To see the original discussion, we stuffed it into locker #437.”

It doesn’t bother anyone in RecentChanges, or anything like that- it just sits there. Maybe, because it doesn’t show up in RecentChanges, we want to make it uneditable- sounds fair enough to me. But maybe I’m wrong; Maybe I haven’t thought of something. Maybe we need to be more careful about lockers..?

So there it is.

Note that, this particular use cases is obsoleted if we implement IdeasToPlace #2 : SpontaneousThreadedDiscussion . Because threaded talk is already nicely archived away, then.

But still, I suspect we would still want lockers some time or another.